Second Saturday Divorce WorkshopsSecond Saturday is a monthly workshop focusing on the emotional, legal and financial issues facing those in a separation or divorce situation. is a non-profit organization established in San Diego 25 years ago. We believe the more information and support that you have, the better decisions you will make for yourself and your children. Our mission is to provide education, support and guidance to women in this life transition, helping them move confidently towards independence. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We will help you explore your options while navigation this confusing, challenging and devastating process.

Support. Information. Hope.

A Second Saturday Divorce Workshop is being held at various locations in the Albany area once each month. If you are considering divorce or in the early stages of divorce, you will want to attend this two hour empowering workshop that is designed to help you take the next step, no matter where you are in the process of untying the knot.

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Empower yourself through group discussions and benefit from information provided by people that have walked in your shoes.

Second Saturday deals with the legal, financial, real estate, family and personal issues of divorce in a logical, yet compassionate way. With the guidance of trained professionals, you will gain greater understanding of the confusing divorce process. The workshop is taught by a family law attorney, a financial professional, realtor and a guest speaker therapist and will provide you with knowledge and resources that you need to inform, prepare and protect you and your family. And remember – you are not alone!

The Second Saturday Divorce Workshop program was founded in 1989 by the non-profit (the Women’s Institute for Financial Education). Second Saturday has helped thousands of individuals navigate the divorce process, and has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships and programs to help women become financially independent.

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